Developer, DevOps enthusiast, father.

I have been working as a Software Engineer and as a consultant since 2012 with clients of various sizes. While I’m a proficient fullstack developer, I feel right at home writing code at the back of the stack -- be it services, tooling, automation or infrastructure related.

I see myself as somewhat of a polyglot developer. I have professional experience working with Rust, Go, Bash, Java, Python, and I have dabbled in many more - Haskell, Erlang, Scala, Ruby, to name a few.

Other tools and technologies I'm proficient with include Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes, etc.

My editor of choice is Vim. UNIX is a marvellous IDE in and of itself. With that said, I'm certainly no stranger to the likes of IntelliJ and Eclipse.

While technology and building stuff are passions of mine, and working in this area brings me great joy, I also enjoy spending time with my family, working out, mindfulness, board games, and having a beer or two with friends.



Keybase: martinhardselius

Twitter: @hardselius